Community Cat Connection 

Finding Forever Homes

Community Cat Connection

Our mission is to operate and maintain a community-based, no-kill cat rescue and shelter to benefit cats which have been abandoned, abused, and are at risk for starvation, disease, and overpopulation.  We strive to educate the public to the benefits of spay/neuter, low cost veterinary care, alternatives to euthanasia, and to facilitate public awareness through workshops and programs.

The Community Cat Connection offers the following services:

  • Trap feral cats if necessary and have them spayed/neutered, so they may be released in accordance with proper trap and release laws

  • Assist with placement of abandoned and surrendered animals due to household moves, thus finding them proper homes so they are not left behind to live on their own

  • Rescue pregnant mother cats and abandoned kittens, affording them proper medical care and homes

  • Assist with the placement of feral cats and kittens in finding forever loving homes

  • Follow-up on all cats and kittens adopted, assuring they are spayed/neutered if not done prior to adoption