Community Cat Connection

We believe that all cats should be kept indoors for their health and safety. We strongly suggest All of our cats be indoor only pets and cannot be declawed unless we are adopting a cat out as such.

You must be 21 years of age to adopt a cat or kitten from us.

The adoption fee is:

$175 for kittens ($300 for two kittens),

$100 for cats 1-5 years

$75 for cats 6-12 years

$50 13 and older or special needs cats  

Our fee covers first and second distemper shots and deworming, a physical, rabies shot, a combo test to ensure the cat does not have feline AIDs or leukemia, and neuter/spaying. Your adoption comes with a thirty (30) day money back guarantee, less a $50 fee for a retesting of a combo test once returned to the Community Cat Connection.

Introducing your new kitty to your existing feline friends

Below are some simple steps to introduce your new kitty to your existing feline friends.  Remember the key to this is patience.

  •  Your new cat should be confined from your current pet family for a time while they adjust to the new surroundings.  Providing a room for confinement with a litter box, food, water and a blanket or pet bed is the best way to start your new friend off.  Allow your other pets to smell the new cat under the door.

  • Over a period of time start moving the water and food dishes closer to the door.  Eventually your new cat will feel comfortable eating and drinking next to the door where he/she can smell the other cats

  • After your new kitty has been in your home for a period of time swap a blanket or pet bed from your existing cats with one from your new cat.  If you have more than one animal then do this for each one.  This gives all of the animals an opportunity to get used to the scent of the others.

  • Once you are confident that your new friend is using his/her litter box you can switch environments with your existing cats. Allow your new friend to have the run of the house and put your old friends into his/her room.  This should be repeated when you are at home and over a period of time to give your new friend an opportunity to explore your home and start to be familiar with the surroundings.

  • Allow your cats to see each other and sniff at each other through a slightly opened door. With luck they will sniff and groom each other.  If they do not you may have to break up some fights.  Move slowly. You may have to separate them and reintroduce then a few times before they are completely comfortable with each other

Remember it is best to introduce your cats slowly. Below are some links that provide additional information for introducing your new kitty.

Here are a few good articles to help you introduce your new kitty